A downloadable game for Windows

A monster gets tired of hiding in closets and does the next most sensible thing: opens his own bar.

To play this game you need 2 people and 2 controllers. When customers call an order pick up a matching cup by standing in front of it and hitting "A". Now you have to fill that cup up. Stand in front of a beer tap and hit "A" to fill it. You can hold up to 3 drinks. Use the right and left bumpers to select your inventory. Then walk up to a customer and hit "A" to give them a drink and they will tip you. "Select" exits the game.

Sometimes it doesn't register where you are standing so you may have to step away and walk back up. Still working on that issue.

This was a game for Ludum Dare that I convinced my wife to work with me on. She did all the art even though she's not an artist and has never made a game before. The are is all cut from construction paper.


scaryTerrysTavern.zip 79 MB